We fight to close litigation

The most efficient way out of a costly court proceeding is a strong litigation strategy.

Our extensive experience in diverse practice areas gives us the versatility to develop strong arguments and frequently reduces the amount of time, expense, and frustration it takes to close cases.

About Us

We specialize in appeals and the hard cases where the stakes are high, the issues are complex, and the law is unclear. Our clients rely on our experience in a broad range of practices areas and appellate support at all stages of litigation. We have a strong track record in state and federal appeals, trials, and administrative proceedings. As consultants, we serve as trusted advisors to attorneys and clients and develop innovative strategies that make an impact. Trial attorneys include us as appellate co-counsel to research, brief, and present argument on complicated legal issues. We fight to efficiently obtain favorable rulings in trial court and lay a clear record for appeal.

We Are Hunker Appeals

Florida Based. Worldwide Clients.

We represent clients in state and federal appeals and litigation throughout Florida and other states as well as international matters.

Hunker Appeals has relocated to a new office, in the 110 Tower, 110 SE 6th St., Suite 2330, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The staff includes Thomas L. Hunker, Esq., V. Ashley Paxton, Esq., associate attorney Althea Bryan Farr, and paralegal Tamara Mihajlovic. The firm represents clients in state and federal appeals and litigation throughout Florida and other states, and assists clients in analyzing international issues and transactions.

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We revere the law

We conduct research and design arguments to persuasively demonstrate the strengths of our cases and the weaknesses of our opponents' cases to improve our clients' chances of success at trial and on appeal and open the door to better settlement opportunities.

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