Appeal Attorneys and What Do They Do

Appeals are a powerful way to correct certain errors or miscarriages of justice committed by prosecutors, police, or criminal courts. While many lawyers are great at trial, several are inept at handling the appeal process, which has its own set of complex rules. Appeals should be handled by an experienced, post-conviction attorney who understands how to navigate the system. Far too many people misunderstand the nature or purpose of criminal appeal and, with inadequate representation, take an ineffective approach to the process.

Note: Appeals are limited, and if not handled properly, poor representation can jeopardize your Constitutional rights and chances of acquittal.

What Appeal Attorneys Do

Before selecting an appeals attorney, it’s important to know what they do and the processes involved. In general, appeal attorneys:

  • Act as an expert consultant to determine the legal viability of an appeal
  • Research legal issues and how best to convince the court that your side should prevail as a matter of law
  • Provide litigation support to fellow attorneys during the trial stage to accomplish preservation of error and provide a strong appellate record
  •  Navigate the maze of procedural requirements, including court-ordered deadlines
  •  Handle appeals from the final judgment, interlocutory (or non-final) orders, and extraordinary writs (this is a good definition of extraordinary writ law)
  • Petition for writ of certiorari, and takes upon appeal evidentiary issues, due process issues, procedural errors, and misapplication of legal standards (What is a Writ of Certiorari in Florida State Courts)

Attributes of Effective Appellate Counsel

The following is an outline of the traits and abilities of a successful appeals attorney. A more detailed description of Appellate Counsel’s responsibilities, qualities, and overall performance can be found on this American Bar Association link: The Complete Appellate Advocate: Beyond Brief Writing

Collaborative. Works well with other case attorneys to develop a final product that integrates all efforts of the legal team

Respectful. Able to defer to and allow the spotlight to shine on others in the team

Supportive. Understands the importance of solving problems rather than second-guessing how they came about

Objective. Brings a fresh perspective, objectivity, and the ability to see the big picture when they become involved in a new case

Analytical. Excels at legal research and analysis invaluable to success at all stages of a case

Persuasive. Is a clear, concise, and convincing writer and speaker; effectively edits other people’s written product and is a good advisor on how to make oral presentations more persuasive

Appeal Attorneys in Florida

A successful appeal requires an objective assessment of the trial proceedings that the trial attorney has been engaged in from day one. An experienced appellate attorney is someone with a fresh set of eyes trained to see through what has often become a case mired in complicated charges and defenses.

Hunker Appeals: The Hallmark of Judicial Appeals

Many trial lawyers and family lawyers get us, as appeal attorneys, involved right at the beginning of a case, especially when it involves a high-net-worth litigation or a stiff potential penalty of a client. Our involvement increases the chance of success for the client. Hunker Appeals is the first choice in a substantial number of cases.

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Miami, West Palm Beach, or one of the other surrounding Florida communities and need an appeals attorney, Hunker Appeals is here to provide a smooth path through the appeals process.

Call or email Hunker Appeals now to set up a consultation.

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