Condominium Association Appeal: How To Get Your Condo Value Reduced?

If you own a condominium property, you can appeal the assessment you received for your property. Over-assessing one unit in development often results in over-assessing other units in the same development. Almost every jurisdiction has an appeals process through which you can get a lower assessed value for your condominium.

Condo owners are subject to property taxes based on their condo’s assessed value and their community’s tax rate. It is difficult to control the tax rate, but you can control the property’s assessed value. You can negotiate a lower value with your assessor during an appeals process. It is possible to reduce the assessed value and get a lower property tax bill by proving that the assessor made a mistake.

Unit owners can appeal assessments through their condominium associations. Those who want to appeal as a group in a condominium association must formally opt-in and authorize the association board to include their units in one appeal.

A joint condominium association appeal offers the following three advantages:

  • Assessors prefer to receive one appeal rather than dozens or hundreds of individual appeals. It is favored because it is administratively easier to handle.
  • A second factor is that County Assessors assign a single value to the entire building, and appeal encompassing all units is the only way to review that value.
  • Furthermore, the County Assessor is required to assess all units in an association uniformly. The County Assessor can fulfill this obligation through the group appeal.

Factors Affecting Condominium Association Appeals

Property Information. Reviewing an assessor’s assumptions is the first step in disputing the value of your condo. You can get your property assessment file from your assessor. Verify that the file contains accurate information about your condo’s amenities and their condition, as well as the correct square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Provide the assessor with documented proof of any discrepancy, such as building plans.

Market Information. Check the sale price of related properties in your area. Comparables from your condo complex are the best, though other complexes with similar amenities are also helpful. Assessors prefer to see a minimum of 10 comperables before making a decision.

Get Started with Your Appeal. They usually do assessments within a limited time frame, so it’s essential to contact them as close to the start of the window as possible. You may receive a lower assessment or see how the assessor defends his findings in this informal meeting.

Appeal the Value Formally. You can introduce new evidence to bolster your case if you can find it since you already know what the assessor’s arguments will be. You can also employ an attorney if you are uncomfortable arguing for yourself at the hearing.

To navigate the Condominium assessment associations, homeowners need skilled legal counsel. Assessments for associations are subject to evaluation by various agencies and levels of appeal need careful analysis and preparation.

You should contact Hunkers Appeals as soon as your condominium association receives your property tax assessment notices. We have successfully reduced property tax assessments for our clients. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Miami, West Palm Beach, or one of the other surrounding Florida communities and need an appeals attorney, Hunker Appeals is here to provide a smooth path through the appeals process.

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