Construction Defects Claim Appeal

Disputes in construction can be a major hassle, and they are best avoided. Mistakes can happen, people can become sloppy, and contractors can engage in dubious ways to increase profits. Most often, the property owner suffers financial loss due to a defect in the planning, design, workmanship, materials, or systems used in the endeavor. You can discover some early during construction, while others may not appear until many years have passed.

Construction defect claim appeals often result in lengthy, challenging, and expensive process. Professional lawyers can help you fight to reclaim your claim and maximize your financial recovery.

What Are The Most Common Construction Claims?

It is possible for the defect to damage (or physically harm) the work itself, other work, or property. Even if a construction defect causes no damage, a claim for damages may still be filed.

Delay Claims. The project takes longer than agreed, causing the customer to suffer a financial loss or productivity loss. For example, overtime wages or paying other contractors to take over work that the original contractor would have done if they had kept to their deadline. It can also include loss of revenue.

Schedule Acceleration. There have been times when contractors have been required to exceed the budget they were given during the bidding process and contract. A schedule acceleration claim is filed when the contractor and the client cannot agree to cover the additional costs.

Change of Work Order Claims. The claim is triggered by a change order received by the contractor after the project has begun. The claim focuses on whether a particular change is within the scope of the preexisting work or not.

Injury claims. A claim is often filed when an accident occurs on a construction site because of not following safety guidelines. A construction worker or a bystander could be involved in the accident.

Damages. Damage to a commercial site or adjacent properties may also result in a claimWhen a client’s property has been damaged, they can file a claim against the contractor.

Construction Defects. The contractor is often sued long after the work has been completed for alleged defects. In the claim, the client alleges that the contractor’s work contains errors that are causing problems and damaging the property.

Change in Site Conditions. A claim of this type occurs due to differences in site conditions. A contract can be breached when the circumstances on the construction site do not match what is dictated by the contract or when the construction site does not meet the specified conditions.

It is the judge’s responsibility to understand the laws. Your evidence must be clear and convincing for the judge to accept it. You must include in your Complaint a sworn statement of the facts. In the unfortunate event that you experience an adverse decision in your construction claims case, Hunker Appeals can appeal the decision. Our team helps you analyze the details and specific information needed for Construction Defects Claim Appeal.

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