How soon must you appeal a Georgia child support or custody order?

If you and your spouse go to court and get divorced, and the two of you have children, the court will likely also determine your child custody and child support. Once these orders have finalized, it’s very important that you follow them. Even if you feel an order is unfair or unjust, you still need to do as the court instructed while you seek a resolution.

Many people come to this conclusion months or years after the initial order. They may decide to request a modification. For instance, someone may lose their job and no longer be able to afford the child support they could afford when the order was put in place.

However, what if you immediately know that you don’t agree with the order? How quickly do you need to appeal that order?

You have approximately one month

In Georgia, the appeals process must start within 30 days. This period begins as soon as the order is handed down.

One important thing to remember is that many co-parents disagree with the court’s decision. They don’t want to pay as much as they were ordered, for example, or they’re just generally unhappy with the arrangement.

That does not necessarily mean that you have the grounds to appeal. To do so, you need to claim that there was some error in the legal process, that the law was applied incorrectly or something of this nature. You can’t appeal simply because you are unhappy with the outcome.

If you do believe that you have grounds to appeal and you want to move quickly, you can see why it’s important to understand your legal options and the deadlines you face.


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