Litigation Support Counsel: Why do Attorneys Need Them?

Lawyers have been the sole individuals capable of litigating, but that responsibility became too much for many who had to perform courtroom work, file paperwork, prepare for a trial, oversee a team, and strategize a case.

Litigation support counsel helps attorneys with judicial cases. The counsel does many primary tasks for their clients, allowing them to focus on court proceedings and closing arguments. Attorneys who have a heavy caseload can find it very useful to have an outside company helping them.

Why You Should Hire One

The need for litigation support is always present in the world of law.

Established Expertise. Litigation Support Counsel offers expertise on a variety of cases for both plaintiff and defendant. Companies that specialize in legal process outsourcing (LPO) use expert litigation staff for a range of activities, including:

  • Conducting depositions of the primary witnesses
  • Processing paperwork and serving subpoenas
  • Identifying people for process serving through skip-tracing
  • Providing your team with access to secure online depositories to expedite the retrieval of documents

With the help of litigation support specialists, your legal practice can take advantage of a wide range of professional services that relate to the fundamentals mentioned above.

Faster Service. You can take advantage of a faster turnaround on needed legal support services when you rely on the practical knowledge of litigation support specialists. By taking this approach, you will better support your clients, achieve better outcomes for ongoing cases, and be more proactive in your practice.

Improved Utilization of Staff Time. With the help of a professional, your paralegals and managerial staff will have time freed up to deal with other essential aspects of your business. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the most critical aspects of your business and improve overall performance across the board.

Reduced Legal Liability. If legal process services are performed incorrectly, they can cause legal complications that adversely affect your business’s profitability and efficiency. Legal service providers specializing in providing these services can remove the burden of liability from your firm and ensure that they carry legal proceedings as per legal requirements.

Reduced Cost. Using the services of experienced litigation specialists can reduce the learning curve for your in-house team by managing and assisting witnesses and defendants in your legal cases. Additionally, litigation support firms have access to directories and other data sources that small-scale legal businesses aren’t likely to have access to.

You can easily reduce your preliminary expenditure for resources and training by hiring a firm that specializes in providing these services. Likewise, this would enable you to obtain legal support services without taking on substantial in-house costs.

Increased Flexibility. Working with a litigation support specialist offers modern law firms an increased level of flexibility that is crucial for their success. Your clients will receive your best attention when you have more time on your hands.

As Needed Support. You may not be making the most efficient use of your finances if you manage your in-house litigation support team. Getting access to litigation support services at a cost-effective rate can enable you to minimize costs by allowing you to contract for their services only when you need them.

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