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In addition to representing clients in cases as lead counsel, our practice also includes helping other attorneys fight to win their cases. We serve as a trusted advisors to colleagues and clients dealing with challenging cases and complicated legal issues. As consultants, we listen carefully and ask the right questions to understand the issues and provide accurate answers with citations to supporting legal authorities. We have extensive experience in developing strong legal arguments. Our broad scope of knowledge and view of the legal landscape enable us to formulate strategies that may not occur to the average practitioner specializing in just one area of the law.


Over the years, we have served as litigation support counsel in hundreds of cases involving thousands of legal issues in numerous practice areas. We are frequently brought onto litigation teams as the case approaches trial to assist in preparing substantive motions, jury instructions and verdict forms, and assisting as appellate support counsel at trial.

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Our Promise

While all litigation inherently involves risks, and there are no guarantees of any particular outcome, we are committed to providing effective legal counsel, quality high-level work product, and superior client responsiveness to give our clients the strongest opportunity to achieve a favorable outcome.

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