The Special Skills of Appellate Litigation Lawyers

Litigation is a long, complex process involving many parties. When dealing with an appellate court, the stakes are even higher. Hiring an attorney specializing in appellate litigation will help ensure that they handle properly and fully explore your case.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve been through the justice system and aren’t satisfied with the outcome. You can still get a favorable ruling and victory. If you think an appeal is in your best interest, we suggest hiring an appellate litigation lawyer at Hunker Appeals for this process to work.

Who are Appellate Lawyers?

Appellate litigation lawyers work at the appellate court level, usually dealing with appeals of lower court rulings. They can help explore and develop arguments and advise on strategy and represent their clients during the appeals process. The lawyer needs to be up-to-date on the law and how those laws apply to the facts of their client’s case.

Appellate Litigators’ Special Skills

Fresh eyes. Appellate litigation lawyer brings a new perspective to a case, often helping clients better understand their case and strategy. Because of these new realities, appellate lawyers evaluate cases objectively, allowing parties to see how the appellate court might view the case. This is how appellate courts are constructed, with legal and procedural issues paramount. It is simply not the place for attorneys to look into the details of the lower court’s findings. Most appeals do not address the same issues contested in the original trial.

In-depth knowledge of the appellate process. An appellate litigation lawyer must thoroughly understand the appellate process. They need to know when a case can be appealed and how to properly request a review to ensure a chance at a successful appeal.

Excellent written advocacy. An appellate litigation lawyer is required to display excellent written advocacy skills to bring attention to their case. In contrast to other court proceedings, a court appeal provides fewer opportunities for parties to inform generalist appellate judges about facts and laws and demonstrate their arguments’ strength. A great lawyer in the appellate realm is focused on cutting straight to the point to create the most impactful argument possible.

Oral advocacy of a different kind. Oral advocacy in an appellate setting has a different role than in trial court hearings. The skills and traits one would need to be successful in oral advocacy in an appellate setting are often in contradiction with what one needs to be successful in oral advocacy in a trial court hearing. For example, an appellate attorney must have excellent research and legal analysis skills to review precedent, statutes, and persuasive authority.

If you are bringing an appeal or defending one, you need someone with specific, legal skill sets. At Hunker Appeals, we represent clients in matters of state and federal appeals and litigation throughout Florida and other states. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Miami, West Palm Beach, or one of the other surrounding Florida communities and need an appeals attorney, Hunker Appeals is here to provide a smooth path through the appeals process.

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