What is an Alienation Attorney?

Parental alienation primarily occurs during a high-conflict divorce in which the child identifies strongly with one parent, usually the custodial parent. The other parent is hated and rejected without any justifiable reason, such as abuse. In such cases clients need an alienation attorney who will listen, analyze the situation, and go to bat for the alienated parent whose relationship with the child hangs in the balance. It is particularly important to have an alienation attorney in such cases to appeal decisions already made or to fight in court against decisions based on prejudicial evidence from vindictive other parties.

Such cases are difficult because the child is conditioned to hate or fear the other parent. Successful prosecution of the case can mean the difference between custody, partial custody, or non-custody of a child in cases of divorce. It is the role of the alienation attorney to affect a positive outcome for their client while executing a legal balancing act between client rights and the welfare of a child already brainwashed by an antagonistic parent.

The Legal Responsibilities of an Alienation Attorney

  • Have the client carefully document past family interactions. Every moment in the child’s life before the onset of parental alienation is documented and potential exhibits and witnesses are identified.
  • Aid the client in being steady, truthful, and direct in testimony about being a target of an accusing wife or husband; helps the client present detailed descriptions of the alienating behaviors that are victimizing the child.
  •  Might be appointed by the court to serve as a GAL (Guardian ad Litem) for the child or as a “best interest” attorney representing the child
  • Possess skill sets and knowledge of legal procedures that go beyond those used in other family law circumstances.
  • Demonstrates how the behavior of the alienating parent contributed to the development of parental alienation and whether it is in the mild stage or the more advanced stage of moderate or severe alienation.
  • Documents and proves to the court the campaign of denigration, emotional poisoning, and brainwashing that has occurred. It is the attorney’s challenge to carefully explain to the judge how this came about, assign appropriate responsibility, and offer expert recommendations to ease the situation.
  • Selects legal and clinical experts either by agreement with opposing counsel or without it.
  • Possess full working knowledge of the nature of the alienation and be cognizant of the emotional repercussions of court battles on the child.
  • Ameliorate the effect of testimony by manipulating children with an eye toward the eventual effects of reconciliation with the alienated parent.

Hunker Appeals

Deliberate parental alienation is a disservice to a child and undistinguishable from abuse. A GAL or an attorney representing the child must be familiar with the research into parental alienation to avoid the traps and land mines deliberately created by the alienating parent. If you are experiencing parental alienation, attorneys at Hunker Appeals have substantial legal experience in this field to share in your fight for justice for you and your child.

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