When can you appeal a criminal conviction?

When you’re convicted of a crime, it can be devastating. However, there are times when a conviction is not the end of a case. In many situations, defendants can appeal the verdict, the sentence or both.

There are a number of reasons why you may appeal a criminal conviction in Florida. Here is one of the arguments you can present while appealing your conviction.

The court abused its discretion surrounding the admissibility of evidence

As part of any criminal trial, both the prosecution and the defense presented their evidence. The prosecution wants to admit any evidence they feel tends to incriminate you, while your defense (naturally) wants to admit evidence they believe points to your innocence.

Often, what can and cannot be admitted is hotly contested during both pre-trial hearings and during the court hearings themselves. During the hearing, the judge will have the power to decide which evidence to admit and which to omit.

It is not uncommon for a judge to make an error while admitting or declining evidence that may influence the outcome of your case. If this happens, then you may have valid reasons for appealing your conviction. If the appellate court agrees that evidence was improperly included or excluded and that may have changed the outcome of your case, your conviction may be overturned or your case may be sent back to the lower court for a new trial.

Being convicted for a criminal offense turn your life upside down. Find out how you can appeal a criminal conviction to obtain post-conviction relief in your case.

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